Thursday, August 24, 2006

Spencer... and that Markos guy

The blog for John Spencer's campaign for Senate (at was updated today with a post about how Hillary's pro-war stance is a sham and that the "netroots" won't attack her like they did Lieberman. Now leaving aside Clinton's rather ambiguous stance on the war (it changes depending on her audience it seems), I have to say what really bugs me is the fact that people take the "netroots" idea seriously, specifically when it comes to the ultra-liberal netroots that seemed to really get huge when The Daily Kos became popular. Blogging is an important part of the American political landscape, but much like terror blogging is a tool and not a unified group of people or even a coherent set of ideas. The left wing "netroots" is not some important interest group that people actually have to impress- Democratic politicians just think is and waste time making silly sounding speaches about people power and the importance of technology in the 21st century. A few bloggers didn't defeat Lieberman you mushheads, the anti-war section of the Democratic Party did and while some members of this group have blogs and read The Daily Kos these internet savy liberals do not form a seperate faction all by themselves.

That brings me to a related topic: the ego of the Daily Kos's founder. Markos (who reminds us far too often that Kos was his nickname in the army- we get it you were a soldier, we won't call you a defeatist or unpatriotic alright? jeez) seems to be the one resposible for making the "netroots" think they are important. Why? Because when he said they were a powerful force in the Democratic Party everyone seemed to just take it for granted that it was true, even if he had no real evidense to back his claim up. In fact, right after Lieberman's loss he said that liberal bloggers had nothing to do with it, and has made similiar statements on other occasions that alluded to the fact that they really aren't a unified force. But then he will come out and say that Lieberman lost because of the netroots, and that they are a powerful force that can't be ignored, and blah blah blah. I believe him when he says the latter since thats the opinion he expresses the most often. He also holds conventions that Democratic politicians actually go to and pander to this small group of leftist extremeists. While the these bloggers may be part of a larger faction within the Democratic Party itself, they really aren't that powerful or even that grassroots in the sense that their ideas are very far removed from that of the American public.

And have you actually read The Daily Kos? Its awful. Pedantic nonsense.


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