Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Pat in 08!

I found a website thats encouraging Patrick Buchanan to run for President in 2008. I think thats an excellent idea, mostly because I am too young to have gotten to vote for Buchanan in the past, and would rather be able to vote for him this time around rather than a RHINO or a neoconservative, the two main groups of Republicans that seem to be dominating the "Who's going to run?" game. Speaking of which, McCain has added a few people to his campaign team, including the man resposible for Howard Dean's website during the 2004 primaries and a former Bush administration State Department official. McCain's past choice of foreign policy advisors, including Colin Powell, has also apartently upset some neoconservatives, which means that despite being one of the above mentioned RHINO's McCain wouldn't be the worst possible Republican candidate for President. I'd prefer Tom Tancredo of course, and Pat Buchanan above all.

For more information on the 2008 election, you can't find a better source than Politics1 (or maybe you can, and if so please let me know!). It has information on state wide races as well, though it doesn't have any information on elections for state legislatures.


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