Sunday, August 27, 2006


-The American Conservative has an excellent article this week about the immigration problem by Michael Brendan Dougherty called "Suicide of Brewster". It can be found at

-Patrick Buchanan's blog also features an article on the immigration problem. "Will America Survive To 2050?" is one of the scariest takes on the immigration issue I've ever come across. I am sure many will accuse him of fear mongering but its hard to ignore the facts he presents or the historical parallels between America and the Roman Empire. I want him to be wrong but wishful thinking won't solve the problem (and neither will the Pence plan by the way!).

-In other Pat Buchanan news, his new book is out and its ranked #1 on Nicely done Pat!

-There is a straw poll at Save the GOP asking who you want to win the GOP primary for the Presidential race. Luckily for me they put Tom Tancredo on there!


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