Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Pat in 08!

I found a website thats encouraging Patrick Buchanan to run for President in 2008. I think thats an excellent idea, mostly because I am too young to have gotten to vote for Buchanan in the past, and would rather be able to vote for him this time around rather than a RHINO or a neoconservative, the two main groups of Republicans that seem to be dominating the "Who's going to run?" game. Speaking of which, McCain has added a few people to his campaign team, including the man resposible for Howard Dean's website during the 2004 primaries and a former Bush administration State Department official. McCain's past choice of foreign policy advisors, including Colin Powell, has also apartently upset some neoconservatives, which means that despite being one of the above mentioned RHINO's McCain wouldn't be the worst possible Republican candidate for President. I'd prefer Tom Tancredo of course, and Pat Buchanan above all.

For more information on the 2008 election, you can't find a better source than Politics1 (or maybe you can, and if so please let me know!). It has information on state wide races as well, though it doesn't have any information on elections for state legislatures.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


-The American Conservative has an excellent article this week about the immigration problem by Michael Brendan Dougherty called "Suicide of Brewster". It can be found at http://www.amconmag.com/2006/2006_09_11/article.html

-Patrick Buchanan's blog also features an article on the immigration problem. "Will America Survive To 2050?" is one of the scariest takes on the immigration issue I've ever come across. I am sure many will accuse him of fear mongering but its hard to ignore the facts he presents or the historical parallels between America and the Roman Empire. I want him to be wrong but wishful thinking won't solve the problem (and neither will the Pence plan by the way!).

-In other Pat Buchanan news, his new book is out and its ranked #1 on Amazon.com. Nicely done Pat!

-There is a straw poll at Save the GOP asking who you want to win the GOP primary for the Presidential race. Luckily for me they put Tom Tancredo on there!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Spencer... and that Markos guy

The blog for John Spencer's campaign for Senate (at www.joinspencer.com) was updated today with a post about how Hillary's pro-war stance is a sham and that the "netroots" won't attack her like they did Lieberman. Now leaving aside Clinton's rather ambiguous stance on the war (it changes depending on her audience it seems), I have to say what really bugs me is the fact that people take the "netroots" idea seriously, specifically when it comes to the ultra-liberal netroots that seemed to really get huge when The Daily Kos became popular. Blogging is an important part of the American political landscape, but much like terror blogging is a tool and not a unified group of people or even a coherent set of ideas. The left wing "netroots" is not some important interest group that people actually have to impress- Democratic politicians just think is and waste time making silly sounding speaches about people power and the importance of technology in the 21st century. A few bloggers didn't defeat Lieberman you mushheads, the anti-war section of the Democratic Party did and while some members of this group have blogs and read The Daily Kos these internet savy liberals do not form a seperate faction all by themselves.

That brings me to a related topic: the ego of the Daily Kos's founder. Markos (who reminds us far too often that Kos was his nickname in the army- we get it you were a soldier, we won't call you a defeatist or unpatriotic alright? jeez) seems to be the one resposible for making the "netroots" think they are important. Why? Because when he said they were a powerful force in the Democratic Party everyone seemed to just take it for granted that it was true, even if he had no real evidense to back his claim up. In fact, right after Lieberman's loss he said that liberal bloggers had nothing to do with it, and has made similiar statements on other occasions that alluded to the fact that they really aren't a unified force. But then he will come out and say that Lieberman lost because of the netroots, and that they are a powerful force that can't be ignored, and blah blah blah. I believe him when he says the latter since thats the opinion he expresses the most often. He also holds conventions that Democratic politicians actually go to and pander to this small group of leftist extremeists. While the these bloggers may be part of a larger faction within the Democratic Party itself, they really aren't that powerful or even that grassroots in the sense that their ideas are very far removed from that of the American public.

And have you actually read The Daily Kos? Its awful. Pedantic nonsense.

First Post

I decided there were enough right leaning blogs out there that did nothing else but talk about how great Bush is and how vital the War on Terror is for the future of America. While I do enjoy reading a lot of the blogs who fit that description, I wanted to make one that focused more on issues and events, rather than just a review of the GOP's talking points. And so I created the Radical Conservative, a blog that leans towards the paleo-conservative point of view and provides paleo-cons and real conservatives of all shades a source of news and a place to post comments. I can't say that I will update as regularly as I would like, but I will try to keep up with election news and anything else of importance.

For now, a list of links that should appear on the sidebar once I figure out how to run this thing!

Tom Tancredo For President

The American Cause

Team America PAC